How often do I make tuition payments?
If you select the Monthly Payment Schedule, you will make 8 payments throughout the school year. If you select the Quarterly Payment Schedule, you will make 4 payments throughout the school year.

Can I observe my child’s dance class?
We have two Parent Observation Weeks throughout the school year. 

If I enroll in a class at NPD, will my child be in the performances?
Performance rehearsals are held outside of class time. Children interested in participating in performances will audition for roles. For more information, visit Performance FAQs.

We would like to take a break from taking dance classes. What do we need to do?
All you need to do is fill out a drop form, available upon request. Unused tuition may be credited to the student’s account to be used at a later date with NPD staff approval. Tuition credits must be used within three months from the day the drop form is completed. Payment is the responsibility of the participant/guardian until a drop from is completed and signed by an NPD staff member and the participant or parent/guardian. Drop forms take two business days to fully process.

Where should I park when I bring my child to class?
Parking for NPD is available on the west side and at the back of the building. After 5:00 PM and on weekends, Great Plains Rehabilitation Services has generously allowed NPD families to use their parking lot located on the Northeast corner of 12th Street and Main Ave. Parents are responsible for ensuring their children’s safety when crossing the street. It can get very busy at NPD and we expect full compliance from all students, parents, siblings, and guests in this matter. For full details on parking at Northern Plains Dance, visit Hours & Location.

How will my child be placed in a class?
Great care is taken in the class placement process as well as the construction of class schedules and the assignment of teachers. Each level contains students within a particular range of development so there will naturally be an upper and lower ability in each level. Students are placed according to their current stage of ability, physical and psychological development and age. Students progress faster by spending the length of time necessary to master these fundamentals, rather than rushing ahead to the complex and faster paced steps of a more advanced level.

I’m an adult and I would like to take classes at NPD, but I don’t know if I can make it every week.
Our adult students have the option of taking our classes using a punch card. Six class punch cards are available for $80.00. We also offer couple's dance workshops throughout the year. For more information, visit the Recreational Classes section here.

My child missed a class. What is your make-up policy?
Make-up classes are available to students who have an excused absence or for classes cancelled by NPD. Absences are considered excused if they are reported ahead of time through the form at http://www.northernplainsdance.org/absence. A make-up slip can be picked up in the office after an absence has been reported or after a class has been cancelled. This slip is required to attend the appropriate make-up class. You may make up a class up to 30 days following the absence.