Sample Weekly Schedule

Classes offered:
Ballet: With an emphasis on the importance of form, musicality and presence, ballet is both challenging and rewarding. Dancers will be placed in the proper ballet class according to skill level.
Pointe: Technique class for those who have been en pointe for at least 6 months. Class focuses on foot strengthening exercises and combinations en pointe.
Floor Barre: An extended warm up class, floor barre concentrates on strengthening individual movements and improving alignment.
Men’s Class: Ballet technique for intermediate and advanced male students.
Variations: Focusing on classical repertoire from the great ballets, Variations gives students the appreciation and history of ballet classics.
Character: Instruction in traditional national dance forms such as mazurka, polonaise, czardas and waltz, which are used extensively in classical ballets.
Jazz: Explores contemporary and classic styles with a focus on elements such as isolations, swing and rhythm. Jazz is a dance form that appeals to everyone because of its energy, variety and vitality.
Modern: Exploration of the movement capabilities of the body through dance elements of space, rhythm and dynamics, incorporating an eclectic blend of contemporary and post-modern movement.
Improvisation: An exploration of personal movement, this class allows students to discover their creative ability to express emotion and ideas through dance.
Choreography Compositions: Teaching students how to work in groups using skills they have learned to create their own short works, this class encourages innovation and teamwork.
Music for Dancers: Emphasizing rhythm, this class takes an in-depth look at the way dancers hear and interpret music.
Evening activities include movie night, educational presentations, etc.
Please note that the above sample weekly schedule is subject to change. Finalized schedule can be obtained by contacting us on or after June 4, 2018.