NPD in the Classroom

Turn your lessons into movement, your classroom into a stage, and your students into active and creative thinkers.


About NPD in the Classroom

NPD in the Classroom is a school residency program that creates movement-based lessons for academic subjects, develops exciting and powerful learning opportunities, and allows students to engage in a kinesthetic approach through hands-on and active participation. Adding movement to education engages diverse types of learners and allows students to experience academics from a different perspective. NPD's dance instructors have over 50 years of combined teaching experience and many hold Bachelor’s degrees in dance. Working with teachers to create a movement experience filled with age-appropriate dances, NPD's instructors customize the residency to fit the needs of any school. 


Teaching Philosophy

The combination of traditional education and dance provides students with the opportunity to learn creatively. By facilitating a safe environment for kinesthetic learning, Northern Plains Dance allows students to explore new ways of learning and developing confidence, creativity and self-discipline. Utilizing Blooms Taxonomy to ensure the highest level of student comprehension, NPD pinpoints how creating a movement sequence can demonstrate understanding of an academic subject. It is our goal for students to become critical thinkers and problem solvers while applying the creative skills they learn in movement-based lessons to their everyday lives. NPD in the Classroom embodies the essence of Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences through a focus of interpersonal and intrapersonal experiences that emphasize the use of kinesthetic movement, special awareness, and musicality.

                                   Bloom's Taxonomy                               Howard Gardner's Mulitple Intelligences



As educators, we hold the fundamental belief that all children are entitled to experience the gift of dance. No child will be denied this opportunity; children of all abilities will find a place in this program.

Teachers can expect students to:

  • Experience a creative dance residency for a minimum of three days.
  • Learn curriculum topics through movement-based lessons. 
  • Learn the seven basic movements of classical dance.
  • Learn the fundamental concepts of choreography and theater etiquette.
  • Explore themes developed specifically for the residency.
  • Develop a higher sense of musicality and emotional expression through the use of their bodies.
  • Perform a culminating piece of choreography based on the residency theme.
  • Be empowered to express themselves creatively in a judgement-free zone.
  • Be encouraged to work collaboratively in groups.

     Components of NPD in the Classroom

  • Planning meeting with school principal, classroom instructor, and NPD Teaching Artist
  • Classroom sessions integrating movement into curriculum
  • Culminating performance at the end of the residency
  • Evaluation meeting with classroom instructor and NPD Teaching Artist



The fee for NPD in the Classroom is $200-400 per day depending on duration and location. North Dakota Council on the Arts has grant funding available for schools interested in partipating in the Artist in Residence program. Northern Plains Dance staff will be happy to assist with the grant process.