NPD in the Classroom Feedback

"The students were involved and engaged. They were moving, working collaboratively, making decisions through voting and consensus, offering ideas and suggestions, revising."

-Lynnette Ryan, math and literacy specialist K-5, Louis Lamour Jamestown


"My expectations were met. Katherine did a great job at allowing the students some say in the routine, but also ensured that the elements that we requested from the math curriculum were included. The students were excited to be creative with movement. I also think that her knowledge in our math geometry study made them realize that she was an important part of our project, not a fun add-on. The students learned how to be performers (how to enter a performance space, how to bow at the end of a performance, to problem-solve during a performance without talking, and to go with the flow if something didn't go quite right)."

-Emma Mickelson, 3rd Grade, Washington Elementary Jamestown


"I saw kids that are usually very reserved doing some very bold, out of their comfort zone movements."

-Julie Tello, 4th Grade, St Mary’s Grade School


"They couldn't wait to get to class and participated each time they went. I loved watching them get more confident each day. It was a great extension of science, discussing and using the states of matter."

-Penny Goebel, 2nd Grade, St Mary’s Grade School


"I really found that my students were more engaged in the classroom after their time with the artist. [The NPD Teaching Artist] had a remarkable way with the students and connected with them. I even took some of her techniques and use them in my classroom."

-Kim Ritter, Kindergarten, St. Mary’s Grade School


"The students' engaged, energetic, and motivated performance was clear evidence of a very successful experience."

-Tony Fladeland, Principal, St. Mary's Grade School


"I have talked to the students and several thought that it was going to be easy and that it wasn't for boys. After trying several different positions and moving through them they realized it took a lot of balance and coordination. Katherine was an excellent instructor and the students learned that movement isn't always as easy as it looks when trying to combine and form a movement presentation. I'm very happy with how the residency was presented and how all students were included by Katherine regardless of physical abilities. The residency was a great success!"

-Phyllis Schroeder, K-6 Physical Education, Centennial