Tuition Policies

Due Dates for 2017-2018 Academic Year: (Bold are monthly and quarterly due dates)
September 22, 2017
October 20, 2017
November 17, 2017
January 5, 2018
February 2, 2018
March 9, 2018
April 6, 2018

Registration is accepted throughout the year for classes with openings.  Tuition will be prorated based on late start dates.  Families with multiple siblings will receive a 10% discount on the lowest tuition(s). NPD will calculate this discount upon registration. No tuition reductions or refunds are made due to absences.

All students enrolled at NPD must provide a valid credit card/debit card number to be kept on file. The first tuition payment is due at the time of enrollment, on or before the first day of the student’s class. Remaining tuition installments are due prior to the due dates listed on the calendar.  If payment is not received according to this policy, late fees will be applied as outlined in Late Tuition Policy (below). NPD will not accept late payment requests.

Tuition is non-refundable, but may be credited to the student’s account to be used within 90 days from the date proper paperwork is processed. This credit may be used for class tuition only.

Tuition Assistance applications are available upon request. Students receiving this assistance commit to an attendance policy and agree to complete volunteer hours.


Payment Methods

All families must provide a valid credit card/debit card to be kept securely on file. It is the responsibility of the customer to keep credit card information up to date through the Customer Portal. Upon registration, customers will select either automatic or standard billing.

NPD encourages enrollment in the automatic payment plan. The credit card on file is run automatically two business days prior to the due date set forth, unless written notice is received by the office three business days prior to the due date. Customers who select this plan will be invoiced one week prior to due dates.

Customers who opt for standard payments will be invoiced one week prior to due dates.  Payments must be made in a lump sum, partial payments will not be accepted. If payment is not received by 12:00 PM on the due dates listed, late fees will be added to the currently due invoice as outlined in Late Tuition Penalty.

NPD accepts cash, check, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Credit card payments can be made online, in person or on the phone. Note: NPD requires a $15 minimum when using a credit/debit card. All returned checks will be routed to Check Control and assessed a $30 fee in addition to any fees assessed by Check Control. If a check for tuition payment is returned, the student will not be allowed to attend classes until tuition is paid in full, including late fees and returned check fees.

In order for students to charge items to the card on file, NPD must have a Charge Permission form on file.  This form is available on our website under Student Resources.


Late Tuition Policy

If tuition is not received according to policies outlined above, late fees will begin to accrue on the currently due invoice. Any account that is not paid by 12:00 noon on the due date will be assessed a penalty of $10.00. An additional penalty of $5.00 will be assessed at 12:00pm on each following business day until payment is received. After 5 late fees have been assessed to an account, the student will be dropped from all classes. In order to resume classes, the student must re-register and pay all applicable fees, including the registration fee, in addition to all past unpaid invoices.